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The 2018 National General Assembly



Welcome to the Australian Local Government Association’s 2018 National General Assembly – Australia’s largest and most influential gathering of Local Government councillors, mayors, chairs and officials.

Our theme for this year’s NGA – Australia’s future: make it local – reflects not just the wide scope and importance of Local Government, but its ability to influence and affect fundamental change and improvement at the community level.

The 2018 theme also hints at the strong possibility a federal election being called later this year or early next. That being the case, Local Government will need to be ready and able to speak up on behalf of our constituents.

ALGA and the State and Territory Local Government Associations are already well advanced in their election advocacy strategies, but this conference will provide important input into the fine-tuning of those plans.

A significant number of motions will be put to the Assembly, generating lively, vigorous and constructive debate. And, thanks to the introduction of keypad voting machines – a first for a National General Assembly – there’ll be less time wasted on procedural matters and more time available for the things that matter:  ideas, discussion, persuasion and consensus.

All of the motions that are supported at the NGA are submitted to the ALGA board for consideration and, ultimately, to advance the cause of Local Government and the communities we seek to serve.

The program for this year’s NGA is extensive, with multiple streams of specialist presentations for you to select from, and a range of keynote speakers to inform and inspire us.

Not surprisingly for a NGA that’s being staged with a federal election in the wings, our expert panels will also boast plenty of individuals with insider views of Capital Hill.

Whilst the temperatures in the nation’s capital may be decidedly brisk at this time of the year, I offer you a very warm welcome to the Australian Local Government Association's 55th National General Assembly.

I encourage you to meet new colleagues, to listen to experts and specialists, participate in discussions and to learn from the very best we have gathered on your behalf. Enjoy the experience, and take-home ideas and inspiration to help make your communities the very best they can be.


Mayor David O’Loughlin
ALGA President



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